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Long run Sunday..

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A little trail running in Stanley Park training

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Goddamn day.

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A wild Vijay appears while doing 800m

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Crashed my boat guys 8km tempo

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And so it begins. training for 14km..

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If I had a nickel for every pile of goose shit I've stepped in while the seawall, I'd be able to afford a house in lol

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Taiwan said they stopped making these! Lies!

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Post ice and stuff treat in

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Some Data Analysis of Running Toward my 2015 Goal!

2 min read

Was sitting down with a friend examining all of my collected running data from Strava. Some pretty cool graphs!

running Progress

Last year I had set myself a goal of 500 miles, which I came just shy of. This year I said 750 miles, however, I've also stopped talking in miles because to hell with that, so my new goal would be about 1200kms. This is a pretty ambitious goal and I was slowed down at the beginning of the year, so although I hate doing it, I think shooting for 1000kms is more realistic -- and more round and cool sounding anyway!

My other goal was to run my first half-marathon, which I'm doing next week. :)

Onto the next cool graph...

Heart rate monitors are fun

This is a graph when I was doing some 800m intervals. What's cool about this is that *apparently* your heart rate recovery rate is a pretty decent independent predictor of cardiovascular fitness and mortality risk. I can roughly calculate my average 1-minute and 2-minute HRrecovery rates to be 38.75 and 51.75 respectively. The studies I found on recovery rate as a predictor for increased risk of death, refer to rates below 12 for 1-minute, and below 42 for 2-minute recovery.

Which according to this awesome chart taken from an NEJM (, means I'm probably pretty healthy :)


Recover Rate vs Risk


Also, this is probably more important in people less than 65 years old.

Final graph:

Dialing it back

This graph, though maybe harder to see, but it shows me attempting to scale back my pace so I can run longer distances. In 2014 I never really ran anything more than 10kms, which is fine, but going further requires a focus on dialing it back a little to conserve energy for the long haul. This has definitely taken some practice.

Next year though, I'm going to attack my 10km time, and aim for something closer to 45 minutes. My current 10km best is 46:59.

Data is cool! :)