Nigel Fish

2015 is sucking a lot.

2 min read

2015 has been off to a rather *terrible* start for me. In the past 8 weeks I have been really considerably ill for about 5 of them. First I got a slight case of the traveller's diarrhea in Bangkok, which ruined my first week, but I recovered quickly. Shortly after I then came down with a rather hideous cold that lasted a couple weeks. I was only in Bangkok for 30 days and I think I managed to squeeze in a week of enjoyment.

I thought after that it could only be uphill from there.

I was wrong, so very wrong, as I got what was probably E.Coli in Cambodia, and spent several days not only expelling my innards at high velocity, but also being unable to ingest anything more solid than water.

All of this has significantly impacted all my projects. One of the shitty (haha) things about being a freelancer type is that, you don't really call up your boss and say "hey, I've got a cold, I'm not coming in," and then not sweat it. You have to call several "bosses" and all of them are then impacted differently and respond in their own ways, and you have to deal with each person a little differently. It seems they are always in middle of a rush when I get sick.

So 2015, all been a bit stressful. If you could please chill out and give me more than a week of good times I'd be more than happy, k thanks 2015 pal (please don't hit me again!).

EDIT: I'm kind of over-estimating how much I was sick. I felt like this recent illness knocked out a week, but actually, it was really only about 5 days (still feel a bit rough). Still, I'd like to enjoy a month without illness!